This is the card search interface to a card database API. The API takes the search string and looks for a matching alias. If one isn't found it parses the string into search tags for various attributes and full-text search terms.
Any word with a colon in it is interpreted as a tag, and everything else that isn't part of a tag is a full text search term. A tag has a name which is the part before the colon and a value which is the part after the colon. The API will give warnings for tags that it doesn't recognize or values that it can't parse.
Tags can be negated by adding a ! to the beginning of the value. If you want the value to have spaces in it, you can quote it but the quote parsing is not very sophisticated. If the tag uses numeric values, you can include comparison operators (>, <=, etc...) in the value; equality is the default. You can also give the name of another numeric tag to do comparisons between attributes e.g. cost:<power.
Full text search terms are used to look for matches in the gametext, name, card number+set (e.g. 203CN, f2RR), traits and a couple of other things.

Human readable tag list

For a machine readable list, see the API documentation for /tags The revision tag is special. If you don't specify one, the API assumes you want the live revision, which is the state of the game as you'd play it now.
Results are all cards which match all criteria. It's possible to specify tags more than once but if you give mutually exclusive criteria you get no results.


Note that there are NO SPACES between the tag and value